When you think about filling the spaces in your home or business . . .
When you think about preserving your keepsakes and memories . . .
When you think about unique gifts or commemorative items . . .
Think first about calling us.

We will respect your budget and your time frame for completing any project, large or small. We will keep you involved as we design and lay out your project, ensuring that we select artwork, framing and matting that compliment your color palette and your style.

For every occasion, for every season, for every memory along life’s journey.

In Your Home

With years of experience, we offer services that enable you to make choices confidently. You will benefit from exploring the possibilities and making selections that reflect your tastes and that contribute to the atmosphere you want to create. We can help you fill your spaces with artwork that stirs your soul or with beautifully displayed memorabilia that tells your family’s story.

In Your Best Memories

Do you dread the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions because you have exhausted your gifting ideas? Do you want to give the gift that is memorable, the gift that is treasured, the gift that conveys your special relationship?

Call Waterfront Framing and Fine Art.

We have so many creative ideas that will make your gift “the one,” the gift that won’t lay unused in the bottom of someone’s closet but will be cherished for years to come. Frame the graduation announcement as you experience the sweet sorrow of a young one’s march into adulthood. Tuck in a senior picture and mat it in your graduate’s school colors. Put together a collage of your wonderful vacation, slipping in a shell from the beach or a leaf from the campsite where you sang songs with your grandchildren. Wrap a piece of your daughter’s bridal veil around a dried rose from her bouquet and frame it all in a custom-made mat embossed with white pearls. Make your anniversary unforgettable by assembling and preserving poignant items from that precious day when you said, “I do.”

Anything is possible, with unlimited options unleashed by our own creativity.

In Your Business

Incorporate artwork into your workplace. We will do the legwork.

In today’s fast-paced businesses, where every eye is on the bottom line, take a different tactic. You don’t want your employees to think of their workplace as “cubicle prison” or a “fluorescent factory.” Infuse the work environment with artwork. Attractively framed, thoughtfully selected artwork can increase your employees’ productivity and boost their morale. Carefully installed artwork can motivate employees’ creativity. Pleasing artwork can help reduce stress and build a positive work environment.

Engage your customers. We can frame your company’s logo, products, and slogans in a motivational way. We can help you select artwork that compliments your décor and helps convey your mission. We can ensure that your spaces are filled with artwork that is aesthetically pleasing, appropriately sized, and congruent with the atmosphere you wish to create.

We have worked extensively with many stellar businesses and organizations in the St. Joseph region, names you will recognize including Horizon Bank, Chemical Bank, Whirlpool Corporation, Pine Ridge Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Center, Harbor Shores Golf Club, and Franciscan St. Anthony Health hospital.

Everything you collect along life’s journey tells a story uniquely your own. Let us put is all together for you.

Are you ready to start your art or design consultation?